Thursday, December 27, 2007

conversations with myself

I am sad today

Were you happy yesterday?

I was happier yesterday...

There is no such term as happier. Happier is happy when happy is sad. You could either be happy or sad, never happier, it is a state, not a quantity.

I can be more happy at times, what do i call that?

I do not know. Tell me why you are less happy today.

I'm not happy at all...

I told you.


Never mind, tell me what's bothering you.

As if you do not know...

Putting your problem clearly in words solves half of it.

Well, that can be part of my problem, i do not know exactly why i am sad.

Maybe you are running low on confidence...

Yes and i also think it must be due to the scarcity of good music i listen to or maybe the scarcity of music itself...

Oh! You are also out of good ideas i guess...

Hey! That's a good idea. I'll blog this conversation today...

It won't be interesting. Even if it turns so, it won't make a good blog.

I'll write it anyway. Perhaps to satisfy myself.


Why should i always write for someone else?

You never do that.

That is totally not pathetic!

OK. You rock!

You say that because you are a me.

Will you include these in your post?

Of course!

You mean this one?


:| This one?

No, that would make it too long...

Oh! Good!

I wrote that.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

one dream

Most of my dreams were from influence of an activity or a thought less profound. But this one was a trailblazer. It was inspiring. We create our own dreams and i was impressed with myself for having such an inspiring spirit.

It was an art gallery. One particular painting was shown to me. It was tinted in blue. It was titled vibrations. And i felt the very meaning of the title on seeing the painting.

There was a curved bridge adjoining a waterfall. A very powerful sports car was thundering its way through the bridge in heavy rain. And then it was no longer a painting, i was physically transferred to that place. The sound of the waterfall was a deep gush, the rain's titter and tatter adding to the treble and complementing these was the adrenaline pumping thunderous roar of the sports car's engine.

I felt the energy, I felt the vibration. I woke up.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

who cares

The words in 'What a wonderful world!' rearranges to 'A flawed world hurt now!'

Now that gives a very negative feeling, does it not? What if the above sentence was written as,

The words in
'A flawed world hurt now!' rearranges to '
What a wonderful world!' ?

That does not create much of an impact, but for whatever it does, it is positive. The same statement can be seen in two perspectives. Everything in this world has more than one perspective to analyze from. The above statement is neither wrong nor right by itself, but it is the very soul within each that classifies the first one negative and the latter, positive.

Some like the first, as it deepens self pity and hopelessness, and others like the second, which says there is hope, though it is nothing more than a statement. So, it is right for one and wrong for the other. What seems to be right from one's perspective seems wrong from the other and vice versa.

Now, each thing may be right for one and wrong for the other.

I can conclude this in two ways,
Each thing in this world is right according to someone.

Each thing in this world is wrong according to someone.

Everything in this world is right.

Everything in this world is wrong.

Friday, December 7, 2007

here's something interesting

When you say something great that you know, say that as if it is the least of what you know. It will boost your image! ;)

But be sure to admit something that you do not know to a person who knows better. Be intelligent here, ego doesn't work most of the time! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

what never to lose

What are never to be lost are confidence and hope because they cannot be lost. There is always an infinite reserve of hope and confidence in a person.

A fact is that people love to be sad, hopeless and melancholic. This is the origin of self pity, which is the origin of doom. Self pity is the regression of confidence and hope. When one tries to look for a reason for not winning or not trying to, one finds self pity tranquilizing. It is a very soothing and self-consoling feeling, but many do not realize that it is a bottomless pit until they reach the bottom. It is a lifeless ocean to sink, a sick bed to lie and a filthy reason to fail.

Stop drowning in self pity and start believing in hope and yourself.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

my first try

Live an endless love,
Love an endless life;
End a loveless life
and a lifeless love.

the mirage

Monday, November 26, 2007

this one, i heard...

He was smiling and telling the story to me.

He said, "There was this guy who was taking a walk along the sea shore. He saw groups of starfish washing ashore. The few lucky ones were being pulled back into the ocean by the waves hitting the shore, the others were dying."

I thought, "Being helpless need not mean being hopeless.."

He continued, "The guy started picking up the sea-stars and was throwing them into the sea. Their number was many and it kept growing. But this was not stopping the guy. Swing, swing, swing....he went on..."

"Another guy came by. He said, "What are you trying to do? It is not going to make any difference...""

"The guy was holding one of them in his hand. He said,

"It sure makes a difference to this one."

and threw it and kept throwing."

Saturday, November 24, 2007

let me tell you...

The moment you decide to kill yourself, do it immediately, because you are no longer worth living.

the mirage

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Is life more defined by the path taken or by the state reached?

Thermodynamically, is life a path function or a state function?

i'm perfect is imperfect

The one thing that is common to all things made by man is efficiency which is always less than 100%. Why is it that when everything natural works perfectly, none of those made by man reach the ultimate level of perfection?

By the law of nature, energy is conserved, but it is not entirely spent for the purpose in a machine. Energy is lost from the machine but accounts itself to nature, so it is not lost according to nature.
Losses they say, minor losses, major losses. Here we lose, nature triumphs, the case is not exhaustive though.

The origin of this malfunction is in compromise.

Nothing related to man is perfect but for one, a child. A child is perfect in every way it can be, because the child is a part of nature until it is given the power to think independently. And when the power is attained, the change is not abrupt. The flavor of perfection fades in the child, but some characters
still cling to it. The child imagines itself being in a perfect world. And then the child starts to learn one thing, to compromise.

The most little compromises account. The mind learns to neglect insignificant values. The losses that occur are considered too small to be taken into account. Man fails to account them, nature does not.

The result is near perfect but never perfect.

It is impossible to change this situation and is not advisable either, because when perfection is reached, man has no purpose. The surge to reach the unreachable keeps the world spinning. It is a state that can never be attained yet it is the only path there is.

As once i have heard, when everything around you seems perfect, you do not belong there because you do not have a purpose there.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

i'm a listener, are you?

A silent listener gets more listeners or the more of a listener when he talks.

the mirage

Sunday, November 11, 2007

what i got to say...

I mean everything i say i want to achieve, i want to become that very person, none other than me that i dream of being, that is my problem, that is my power.

the mirage

Saturday, October 13, 2007

dreams, doubts, death and beyond

From the day one starts to have beliefs, one starts to have doubts. The one thing that disturbs the most is the supernatural, philosophically though not psychologically. One is forced to believe that there is something more powerful that lives or that which makes life(?) The number of beautiful, mysterious, physical, psychological and automatic phenomena like dreams, for example shakes me to the ground. If one can explain how it happens, one is unable to explain why it happens or vice versa. It seems really pointless to analyze these things. It would be really easy to take things as they are and believe in what others do, but that is not the point.

Sometimes, one is almost convinced that death may have the answer or answers(?) The moment the soul and body detach, the other world appears and one starts to recollect(?) or atleast understand what is going on or what was. Will we have the answers? Will we ever know why we take birth? Will we ever understand why the One spirit splits into a trillion strands and make an individual and again reunite with the Perfect One by way of death? Are these the questions or the answers themselves? Will we ever know? Will we ever know? What if after death we pass into a long phase of dreams and again get deceived and again denied answers?

Would you like to know? I would...The answer(s) i assumed is blended in this post.

Friday, October 5, 2007

a penny and more...

Every person is his own reason for what he is in his life and how his life is. From my point of view, helping downtrodden people is completely pointless. They are so because they decided to be so. The richest of people, the most elite of minds and all those who are worth remembering were at some point of time, below what they later became. It was because of their decision and effort they reached that point.

So we are in no position to help poor people. If they want to lead a self-reliant life, they have to take the effort, and once they take an effort, they have it . If they are not ready, we need not help them. The balance of the world is maintained only if we work for our progress, helping those who do not work will bridge the gap between the high and the low.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer - this is the way of the world. It is for every individual to decide which side to leap.

Help the people who deserve, not those who desire and those who do not even dream.

Monday, October 1, 2007

to be done...

To be nobody but yourself in a world that is doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight.

wonder who said that...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

the word or what

The film 'Black' (2005) by Sanjay Leela Bhansali made me rethink about my second post ('why the word?'). The scene in which Michelle realises the meaning of words was wonderful. Words had so much importance in that instant. I thought i was wrong about the idea i had about words.

As the film proceeded, the bond between Michelle and Debraj was highlighted. What i noticed was that Mr.Debraj reflected each and every expression of Michelle and communicated it to others. That was when i realised i was wrong again, making it clear that i was right about what i had written in the second post. Michelle did not communicate with Debraj using words, but still entirely expressed herself. Every idea, opinion and thought was perfectly understood by Debraj. This was what i was trying to say in my second post, understanding directly what is in the mind rather than waiting for it to come by word.

'Black' is one good movie. For those who have not yet watched the film, read this post again after watching it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

designers different

A designer has to be as alien as possible. Since each thinking entity thinks in different frequencies, every design evolving from the soul of the designer has to be different, so different that it has to be alien. But why are they not? It is because of the influence of inspiration. When a design starts evolving, the platform of the design unfortunately remains earthly. So the end design shares appreciable number of characteristics with the inspiration.

This happens when the design has a common noun, that is for example, an automobile. But when the design is just a design, the true picture of the spirit reflects as art. Now this is beautiful. Splendid designs potray the characteristics of the spirit of the designer, just like an x-ray. This can be followed in the above case by keeping the mind as blank as possible and letting the spirit play on the blank canvas. The result will be undoubtedly splendid, more importantly alien.

To put it in nutshell,
You do not need the box to think out of the box

the mirage.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

why the word?

An idea that strikes the mind evolves from the spirit, except when it is inspired by one other thing. This idea's evolution remains as unique as the spirit itself. Thus, once an idea evolves from unidentified inspiration, it becomes unique. When it gets stored in the mind, like all good ideas it tries to ventilate itself. Here we go...

An idea is most commonly communicated by words. Words are beautiful, but when it comes to expression of the spirit or the idea itself, words prove to be disastrous. The idea gets diluted and parts of the idea are missed out or perhaps messed up due to the monstrous library of words that ebb out when words are used. So ideas are never entirely expressed except when they are communicated without words, which is an impossibility.

The same thing happens when ideas are recieved by word. The mind reads the idea but it is interpreted in a different frequency by the spirit. It means that each spirit interprets an idea differently. The beauty lies in the fact that when the original idea is formulated, the concept appears different to each spirit but the idea manages to remain one and unique.

Even in an arguement, each has a different angle of looking at the problem. So neither of them will succeed in convincing the other. Remember this and there will not be anymore arguements in life.

And one more thing, it is always better to understand what the spirit says than to depend on words IF it is possible.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

a strand of the spirit

'I'm Different' they say. The fact is that everyone is different, and when everyone is different, no one is. Everything known and unknown in this Universe is powered by the spirit inside it. Each is a part of one large source of energy and intelligence. Each spirit by itself is capable of thinking independently and yet evolve towards perfection as a whole.

I was hit by one peculiar doubt: Do what I see and identify as 'white' appear the same to you? Maybe your library of colours is entirely alien from mine. In fact, all sensory perceptions might be unique. Fragrances, taste, the sense of touch might reach the spirit in unique ways. Such thoughts send a chill down the spine, don't they? Feeling so alien suddenly is really sick, but it invokes awe. But sometimes thinking so deeply and confusing ourselves so much seem pointless.

So let us all stop investigating the mysteries of life and start enjoying life and most importantly live life completely.