Saturday, December 22, 2007

one dream

Most of my dreams were from influence of an activity or a thought less profound. But this one was a trailblazer. It was inspiring. We create our own dreams and i was impressed with myself for having such an inspiring spirit.

It was an art gallery. One particular painting was shown to me. It was tinted in blue. It was titled vibrations. And i felt the very meaning of the title on seeing the painting.

There was a curved bridge adjoining a waterfall. A very powerful sports car was thundering its way through the bridge in heavy rain. And then it was no longer a painting, i was physically transferred to that place. The sound of the waterfall was a deep gush, the rain's titter and tatter adding to the treble and complementing these was the adrenaline pumping thunderous roar of the sports car's engine.

I felt the energy, I felt the vibration. I woke up.


arun said...

wow!! this post sure is adrenalin-stimulating..good one mate:)

Hamsa said...

what a dream !!! inspiring!

the mirage said...

thank you people! :)

Dwarak said...

An excellent sensitive portrayal of a dream. good one!