Monday, November 26, 2007

this one, i heard...

He was smiling and telling the story to me.

He said, "There was this guy who was taking a walk along the sea shore. He saw groups of starfish washing ashore. The few lucky ones were being pulled back into the ocean by the waves hitting the shore, the others were dying."

I thought, "Being helpless need not mean being hopeless.."

He continued, "The guy started picking up the sea-stars and was throwing them into the sea. Their number was many and it kept growing. But this was not stopping the guy. Swing, swing, swing....he went on..."

"Another guy came by. He said, "What are you trying to do? It is not going to make any difference...""

"The guy was holding one of them in his hand. He said,

"It sure makes a difference to this one."

and threw it and kept throwing."

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