Sunday, November 18, 2007

i'm perfect is imperfect

The one thing that is common to all things made by man is efficiency which is always less than 100%. Why is it that when everything natural works perfectly, none of those made by man reach the ultimate level of perfection?

By the law of nature, energy is conserved, but it is not entirely spent for the purpose in a machine. Energy is lost from the machine but accounts itself to nature, so it is not lost according to nature.
Losses they say, minor losses, major losses. Here we lose, nature triumphs, the case is not exhaustive though.

The origin of this malfunction is in compromise.

Nothing related to man is perfect but for one, a child. A child is perfect in every way it can be, because the child is a part of nature until it is given the power to think independently. And when the power is attained, the change is not abrupt. The flavor of perfection fades in the child, but some characters
still cling to it. The child imagines itself being in a perfect world. And then the child starts to learn one thing, to compromise.

The most little compromises account. The mind learns to neglect insignificant values. The losses that occur are considered too small to be taken into account. Man fails to account them, nature does not.

The result is near perfect but never perfect.

It is impossible to change this situation and is not advisable either, because when perfection is reached, man has no purpose. The surge to reach the unreachable keeps the world spinning. It is a state that can never be attained yet it is the only path there is.

As once i have heard, when everything around you seems perfect, you do not belong there because you do not have a purpose there.

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