Thursday, December 27, 2007

conversations with myself

I am sad today

Were you happy yesterday?

I was happier yesterday...

There is no such term as happier. Happier is happy when happy is sad. You could either be happy or sad, never happier, it is a state, not a quantity.

I can be more happy at times, what do i call that?

I do not know. Tell me why you are less happy today.

I'm not happy at all...

I told you.


Never mind, tell me what's bothering you.

As if you do not know...

Putting your problem clearly in words solves half of it.

Well, that can be part of my problem, i do not know exactly why i am sad.

Maybe you are running low on confidence...

Yes and i also think it must be due to the scarcity of good music i listen to or maybe the scarcity of music itself...

Oh! You are also out of good ideas i guess...

Hey! That's a good idea. I'll blog this conversation today...

It won't be interesting. Even if it turns so, it won't make a good blog.

I'll write it anyway. Perhaps to satisfy myself.


Why should i always write for someone else?

You never do that.

That is totally not pathetic!

OK. You rock!

You say that because you are a me.

Will you include these in your post?

Of course!

You mean this one?


:| This one?

No, that would make it too long...

Oh! Good!

I wrote that.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

one dream

Most of my dreams were from influence of an activity or a thought less profound. But this one was a trailblazer. It was inspiring. We create our own dreams and i was impressed with myself for having such an inspiring spirit.

It was an art gallery. One particular painting was shown to me. It was tinted in blue. It was titled vibrations. And i felt the very meaning of the title on seeing the painting.

There was a curved bridge adjoining a waterfall. A very powerful sports car was thundering its way through the bridge in heavy rain. And then it was no longer a painting, i was physically transferred to that place. The sound of the waterfall was a deep gush, the rain's titter and tatter adding to the treble and complementing these was the adrenaline pumping thunderous roar of the sports car's engine.

I felt the energy, I felt the vibration. I woke up.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

who cares

The words in 'What a wonderful world!' rearranges to 'A flawed world hurt now!'

Now that gives a very negative feeling, does it not? What if the above sentence was written as,

The words in
'A flawed world hurt now!' rearranges to '
What a wonderful world!' ?

That does not create much of an impact, but for whatever it does, it is positive. The same statement can be seen in two perspectives. Everything in this world has more than one perspective to analyze from. The above statement is neither wrong nor right by itself, but it is the very soul within each that classifies the first one negative and the latter, positive.

Some like the first, as it deepens self pity and hopelessness, and others like the second, which says there is hope, though it is nothing more than a statement. So, it is right for one and wrong for the other. What seems to be right from one's perspective seems wrong from the other and vice versa.

Now, each thing may be right for one and wrong for the other.

I can conclude this in two ways,
Each thing in this world is right according to someone.

Each thing in this world is wrong according to someone.

Everything in this world is right.

Everything in this world is wrong.

Friday, December 7, 2007

here's something interesting

When you say something great that you know, say that as if it is the least of what you know. It will boost your image! ;)

But be sure to admit something that you do not know to a person who knows better. Be intelligent here, ego doesn't work most of the time! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

what never to lose

What are never to be lost are confidence and hope because they cannot be lost. There is always an infinite reserve of hope and confidence in a person.

A fact is that people love to be sad, hopeless and melancholic. This is the origin of self pity, which is the origin of doom. Self pity is the regression of confidence and hope. When one tries to look for a reason for not winning or not trying to, one finds self pity tranquilizing. It is a very soothing and self-consoling feeling, but many do not realize that it is a bottomless pit until they reach the bottom. It is a lifeless ocean to sink, a sick bed to lie and a filthy reason to fail.

Stop drowning in self pity and start believing in hope and yourself.