Thursday, August 23, 2007

designers different

A designer has to be as alien as possible. Since each thinking entity thinks in different frequencies, every design evolving from the soul of the designer has to be different, so different that it has to be alien. But why are they not? It is because of the influence of inspiration. When a design starts evolving, the platform of the design unfortunately remains earthly. So the end design shares appreciable number of characteristics with the inspiration.

This happens when the design has a common noun, that is for example, an automobile. But when the design is just a design, the true picture of the spirit reflects as art. Now this is beautiful. Splendid designs potray the characteristics of the spirit of the designer, just like an x-ray. This can be followed in the above case by keeping the mind as blank as possible and letting the spirit play on the blank canvas. The result will be undoubtedly splendid, more importantly alien.

To put it in nutshell,
You do not need the box to think out of the box

the mirage.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

why the word?

An idea that strikes the mind evolves from the spirit, except when it is inspired by one other thing. This idea's evolution remains as unique as the spirit itself. Thus, once an idea evolves from unidentified inspiration, it becomes unique. When it gets stored in the mind, like all good ideas it tries to ventilate itself. Here we go...

An idea is most commonly communicated by words. Words are beautiful, but when it comes to expression of the spirit or the idea itself, words prove to be disastrous. The idea gets diluted and parts of the idea are missed out or perhaps messed up due to the monstrous library of words that ebb out when words are used. So ideas are never entirely expressed except when they are communicated without words, which is an impossibility.

The same thing happens when ideas are recieved by word. The mind reads the idea but it is interpreted in a different frequency by the spirit. It means that each spirit interprets an idea differently. The beauty lies in the fact that when the original idea is formulated, the concept appears different to each spirit but the idea manages to remain one and unique.

Even in an arguement, each has a different angle of looking at the problem. So neither of them will succeed in convincing the other. Remember this and there will not be anymore arguements in life.

And one more thing, it is always better to understand what the spirit says than to depend on words IF it is possible.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

a strand of the spirit

'I'm Different' they say. The fact is that everyone is different, and when everyone is different, no one is. Everything known and unknown in this Universe is powered by the spirit inside it. Each is a part of one large source of energy and intelligence. Each spirit by itself is capable of thinking independently and yet evolve towards perfection as a whole.

I was hit by one peculiar doubt: Do what I see and identify as 'white' appear the same to you? Maybe your library of colours is entirely alien from mine. In fact, all sensory perceptions might be unique. Fragrances, taste, the sense of touch might reach the spirit in unique ways. Such thoughts send a chill down the spine, don't they? Feeling so alien suddenly is really sick, but it invokes awe. But sometimes thinking so deeply and confusing ourselves so much seem pointless.

So let us all stop investigating the mysteries of life and start enjoying life and most importantly live life completely.