Sunday, December 2, 2007

what never to lose

What are never to be lost are confidence and hope because they cannot be lost. There is always an infinite reserve of hope and confidence in a person.

A fact is that people love to be sad, hopeless and melancholic. This is the origin of self pity, which is the origin of doom. Self pity is the regression of confidence and hope. When one tries to look for a reason for not winning or not trying to, one finds self pity tranquilizing. It is a very soothing and self-consoling feeling, but many do not realize that it is a bottomless pit until they reach the bottom. It is a lifeless ocean to sink, a sick bed to lie and a filthy reason to fail.

Stop drowning in self pity and start believing in hope and yourself.

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mahimsm said...

self pity...hmm...well i dont know sometimes our world is soo evil that its really depressing...there is no point to life its a meaningless void-nihilism.