Saturday, October 13, 2007

dreams, doubts, death and beyond

From the day one starts to have beliefs, one starts to have doubts. The one thing that disturbs the most is the supernatural, philosophically though not psychologically. One is forced to believe that there is something more powerful that lives or that which makes life(?) The number of beautiful, mysterious, physical, psychological and automatic phenomena like dreams, for example shakes me to the ground. If one can explain how it happens, one is unable to explain why it happens or vice versa. It seems really pointless to analyze these things. It would be really easy to take things as they are and believe in what others do, but that is not the point.

Sometimes, one is almost convinced that death may have the answer or answers(?) The moment the soul and body detach, the other world appears and one starts to recollect(?) or atleast understand what is going on or what was. Will we have the answers? Will we ever know why we take birth? Will we ever understand why the One spirit splits into a trillion strands and make an individual and again reunite with the Perfect One by way of death? Are these the questions or the answers themselves? Will we ever know? Will we ever know? What if after death we pass into a long phase of dreams and again get deceived and again denied answers?

Would you like to know? I would...The answer(s) i assumed is blended in this post.

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