Monday, January 24, 2011


sacrifice the significance of respect
escape possibilities to no avail
what can I say? but understand that I go numb
at your beauty; realize that I wish to know
what I am doing; hope grinds strangeness
I do not mean to be sad, I do not mean
to dance in the dark; but I do
prepare for the storm, battle cry and show down
it's alright, no one's asleep; say it again
that there's more; the great dipper is a dream
of multiple consequence and lies,
it lies there like the wind, you die,
I'm right behind you to give you back.
in the end all that matters are memories
depth shows truth, the steps to the past
but do you care how it turns out or where I live?
behind the fence and beyond, there is nothing
there is music, there is the sea
the graphic overflow and the routine
incessant heartache doesn't drown you
it doesn't change you; why do you live?
chance will imprison shadows
the open road is haunted by music
delayed contraption won't give you babies
but the lunar murder gave him away
in staccato, regret and swing
the other galaxy made no sense
and swept, but lived.

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