Tuesday, January 25, 2011

white cow

the white cow has criminal history
flashlights wake up silence
you look for the old man in the corners
but you find only silence everywhere
silence stares at you like a stranger

the wind carries an unmistakable stench
the walls freeze to your fingers
you wait for your senses to betray you
silence echoes in your head
the corners taste like a white cow

you talk to the people in binary
they dread the white cow
but they never talk about the old man
they never talk about silence
they do not carry flashlights

the tomb intimidates you
as silence stares at you from the top
it stares as you talk binary to people
it stares as you look for the old man
you do not want to look back

the tessellations bear no evidence
you do not check for repetitions
the carvings on the stone wall scream
skill never betrayed the old man
he was known for his work

you remember the night he left
the people no longer cared for him
silence was his only companion
but silence never spoke and he was deaf
silence will not tell you where he is

the white cow appears in front of you
your scream shatters silence
you realize that the old man is no more
you knew this day would come
your knew your existence would be at stake

your life is about to be taken
there are no tombs where you can lay
there are no carvings that bear your name
there would be no memories of you
not even silence

you lay dead on the walls and corners
your body consumes light like vacuum
the stench fills the air and coldness on walls
the old man was invisible and dead
he was the king, the carver and history

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