Monday, January 24, 2011

pictures that kiss the wall

Someone Knock

That’s everything I need, I’m ready. No, I’m not going out. I haven’t come from anywhere, not in the last two days. I thought I was going out. I like the walls and the fancy pictures put on them. Do I like the chairs and the tables? Let me sit down, why am I not going? I should go. People are waiting. But I don’t want to get up. I want to look to my right through the window, one last time before I pass out. If I do, will it make sense? Or if I pass out, will it make sense? All the wood that is lying dead around me has been here all along may be to make sense just for this one moment. And the detail on the ceiling at which I’ve been staring for so long, has it made me think about all of these? Has it been there just for this one moment to tell me that time is fleeting?


She lives in the apartment facing the fountain. She steals eggs and sells them. She betrayed her boyfriend. Now she is committed to her umbrella. She does know about facebook. She has paper fans under her cot and also a trunk full of old hats and eye liner. She freaks out if you pull your chair along the floor. When no one’s watching, she juggles owls. The fragrance of wet earth is what she has in her spray can. She eats ball bearings for breakfast.

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