Monday, January 24, 2011

post card

I’ve always wanted to talk to you. I’ve seen you waiting at the gates of houses, faceless like a memory. I think you are a very good person. Though, I was confused by your strange behaviours sometimes, especially when you took my friend away so suddenly, when he was just about to get ready for the world. Where did you take him? I don’t think he was unsuitable for the world, or maybe you just took him to a better place. Of late, you’ve been visiting my family often. Don’t get offended, but I’m just curious. As long as you take them to a better place, it is fine. But it hurts me to watch all the people, whom you leave behind, crying like children left behind by their mothers.

One last thing, I have a request. When you come to take me, burnt or buried, please don’t take me to a better place, or worse, a worse place. Instead, accidentally lose me in you chambers of infinite vacuum.

Deep Inside Me.

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