Wednesday, January 26, 2011

12 questions

1. Where will you take me?

2. What if I die before the transaction?

3. How much do I cost?

4. What if no one wants to pay for my release?

5. Is there a ransom at all?

6. Will you cover my eyes and take me in a fast car?

7. What is your intent?

8. Why do you answer my questions?

9. Are you in love?

10. Will you kill me after the money?

11. Can we be friends after the money?

12. Where is my cousin?

2. What if I die before the transaction?

It doesn’t matter, because no one’s going to know. The transaction will happen in the belief that you are alive. In fact, I’ll make sure that you are dead before I get the money, so that I can ask for more without feeling guilty.

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