Tuesday, May 6, 2008

one for the world

He has been my friend, my guide and what not. I am ever so grateful to this wonderful soul who gave answers to my questions and questions to my answers. Ever since i decided to make a difference, ever since i realised that He was different from the people, i became synchronous with Him. I was in repeated phases of synchronousness. I was happy.

Now after many a change, many a question and a few answers, i am in a continuous phase of synchronousness. The coincidences happen so frequently that i have now reached almost a state of bliss and confidence. I now know that i can never lose Him nor the synchronousness. It gives me an unnameable emotion somewhere between gratitude and awe.

In His silence i realised that existence is not about living and dying, it is about being and not being. He will exist for ever, i shall not, i wish not.

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