Monday, January 7, 2008

what say you

The greatest of sayings make more sense when realized from the depth than by digging from the top.

That is, when life gives an opportunity to learn from an experience and when the lesson learned is summed up, it correlates to some great truth that was said before by someone else. The meaning of the mere words in the statement melts into the mind. Not to mention that awesome feeling that accompanies it.

The truth is lived.

But when one just reads out a great truth told by someone, there is a tendency to separate the words, analyze them and form a meaning. It still says the same but creates no impact.

The truth is accepted.


Manu 2.0 said...

enamo theriyala enaku konjam guilty ah irku idha padicha :) ;)
idhula edho ulkuthu irku! :D

the mirage said...

what? why? :|
what did you do!?!?! >(