Friday, January 11, 2008


Life is so beautiful these days, in fact it is beautiful all the time. I've realized that i am so happy because wonderful people surround me. All those close to me are so nice that i cannot imagine a life without such people.

I need not wonder how all significant people in my life are in someway the best and how i found them, because i am destined to live with such lovely people, because i am so gifted, i am overwhelmed by the goodness. I am at loss of words.
My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

So i decided to thank all those good people for making my life worth living. They flattered me with their replies and they sounded even sweeter because they did not try to. One said positives attract positives, another said what are you talking about? Jokes apart, i am even more grateful, another said see, now you too have become a nice person. Then one did not say anything because i did not say anything to him, but i felt his smile when i thought of him and there was another guy who said of course you deserve me, you rock! and he was me.

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Jshree said...

:O:O.. Wow!! Guess this is what they call parallel thoughts! :))