Wednesday, April 21, 2010

radical abstraction

She said inspiration is,

recognising the elements in the fourth dimension, in blood, bone, eyes and the soul...

It is hard to be inspired when we see what we like to see, hear what we like to hear and believe in what we would like to believe, it is like wondering what a mirror would look like when there is nothing to reflect.

Manifestations of expressions from within are either inspired by one other thing or purely the expression of the soul itself. The latter, now being infested by the sub-conscious influence of things lost in time but not from memory, is what moulds the clay today. It thrusts upon others, its expressions, driven by its own desires.

the mirage : So, what is the true colour of a mirror?

(the mind)

mild One : We wouldn't know. We have moved backwards.

(the spirit)

the mirage : Walls have been broken. Thoughts flow out and let wind from other places carry opinions inside. It is hard to ignore speculation, to be ignorant to offense, to be unemotional and unrevealing. We are everything a mirror isn't.

mild One : We don't care, do we? We have agreed that people wouldn't mind if we join, but wouldn't care if we don't, there's no point in anything at all.

the mirage : What drives us then, every time after this lull?

mild One : Time.

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