Sunday, June 1, 2008

one conversation

mild One : So, how are we today?
(the spirit)

the mirage : Poor?
(the mind)

mild One : Why so?

the mirage : I've realised that i am no one's priority.

mild One : Why is that a problem?

the mirage : Everyone is someone's first priority. Everyone has someone as their first priority.

mild One : What does that mean?

the mirage : Priority. If i am not someone's priority they can choose not to have time for me.

mild One : Ouch. But how many times have we done that to others?

the mirage : Oh! Yes. Many a time.

mild One : Ha! See?

the mirage : But i have never done that to someone to whom i thought i was the first priority.

mild One : Oh! That is so bad.

the mirage : I feel like i have never been sadder than now. I just love it.

mild One : You love it?

the mirage : Yes. Absolutely. I feel powerless and it is making me crave all the more for power.

mild One : Are you really sure you are no one's priority? First priority, i mean.

the mirage : Yep. Let me see...No, Nope, No, No.... No one's.

mild One : Is that all?

the mirage : Possibly.

mild One : Possibly? This word seems so worldly.

the mirage : Why so?

mild One : Worldly. World. The word that defines the line between the possible and the impossible. That is why they say Everything is possible in this world. There are other things that are impossible, relative to this world or rather to the people. One has to come out of this world to do these things.

the mirage : What if i prefer to do neither?

mild One : Well, that is quite another case. We cease to exist. We do not have possibilities. Why can't i...

the mirage : So now, what do i do? I'm no one's priority.

mild One : Cease the opportunity. You are not answerable to anyone. Make use of this time. Turn the chessboard around.

the mirage : That sounds swell.

mild One : You are all fired up then, aren't you?

the mirage : Yeah, wish i could burn away.

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