Sunday, March 30, 2008

learning to fly

Finding patterns in the creation is an infinitely small confluence of the frequency of the design of the universe and the frequency of thought. The thinker proves himself as intelligent as the creation. The thinker goes crazy according to this world. This world is no place for him.

time, ratios, music, art...

I do not find patterns in the creation. I find patterns in this world. I find patterns in the design of this world. I am happy that i am as intelligent as this world. Oh! We share the same spirit. I am intelligent enough just to realise that. I shall design for this world, for it has to reach perfection which again, can never be reached because of the numerous rules the spirit adheres to or rather is forced to follow. Nevertheless i shall be a designer till i remain in this world and do my part. Then i shall fly away.

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